Sunday, February 22, 2009

Peethe II – Rangaloo Pulee/Patisapta/Rosh Pulee

While winter chill still lingers and the Bengali markets still sell ingredients for Peethes – rice powder, sweet potatoes, patalee gur, til, and coconut – we can make more experiments with Peethes. There is no fixed recipe for Peethe - generally a combination of the above ingredients with little imagination. For example, if sweet potatoes are not available, normal potatoes can be used and suji (semolina) will easily makeup for rice powder. The filling can be as varied as one wants. Desiccated coconut and gur filling is most common while khoya filling or dry fruits with gur filling will be just fine. Today I will write three of my mother’s recipes, in which we were allowed free hand.

. Rangaloo Pulee

1) Steam and mash sweet potatoes with one tbspoon cornflower or maida.
2) For the filling, mix khoya, crushed patalee gur, walnut, and raisins in a kadhai on slow fire. Add cardamom seeds.
3) Take a lump from the mash and shape into Peethes with the filling.
4) Heat white oil with little ghee and fry the Peethes till golden brown.
5) Prepare sugar syrup and soak the Peethes. Leave overnight. If Peethes appear dry, make some more syrup and pour over them.

. Patisapta

1) Make a thick batter with two cups of rice powder or maida, half cup suji, and milk. Add one pinch of salt and one tspoon sugar. Let it rest for half an hour.
2) Heat tawa, smear with ghee or white oil, pour a ladleful, and spread on tawa just as dosa batter.
3) When set, turn over, and fill in with any filling of your choice. If you want a more juicy effect, then use freshly desiccated coconut and crushed gur.
4) Fold like a roll. Patisapta can be stored in the fridge and heated on tawa just before serving.

. Rosh Pulee

1) You will need one cup each of the following: desiccated coconut, maida, sugar, and khoya or thickened milk.
2) Place all the ingredients on slow fire and when well mixed, let it cool and shape into Pulees.
3) Heat the milk and when it becomes thick, mix sugar and patalee gur. Drop the Pulees into the milk.

Please try the recipes and let me know the results.


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